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I have a Mitsubishi 65831 Diamond DLP. A little information on the set up. I am only using the Component Video connections. Comp Connection 1 is for the Cable, Comp Connection 2 is for my DVD, and Comp Connection 3 is for my DVD. No Sound through TV, all sound goes through the receiver. This is a simple connection set up.

I haven't had any issues, except for the last couple of months. At first, it would do this, and a reset of the TV would fix it. Then, a couple of times, while watching TV, it stops showing the signal and displays a green box mid way on the screen all the way to the bottom. What does green have anything to do with anything. I mean, come on. At least it could tell me that something is wrong.

The TV provides no errors

Now, my issues:

1. When watching any input, the TV prompts with a new connection, it happens to be "Input 3 S-Video". Nothing changed.

2. When step 1 occurs, the screen goes blue, and am unable to switch to any other input. They are all blue.

3. When I turn the TV off, it is off for just a few seconds, before the TVs lamp light is green and blinks. A little slower blink that if I reset.

4. Reset on the front panel does not fix any of these issues. I have to unplug the TV from the wall for 5 minutes or so, before I can watch TV again. When the Input issue happens, I have to go through step 4 each time.

5. When I am able to watch a little TV before the input sensing happens, I cannot switch to a different input, it reads at the bottom of the screen, "some weird unable to split screen" message. Almost like it only knows one input and forgot that I have three working.

I am not sure why this TV is auto sensing a new input, when the configuration has not changed. The bulb looks good, the colors are awesome, the picture is clear. But for some reason, it doesn't like me.

Has anyone experienced this odd behavior? I am going to have tech make a house call. I was hoping someone in the forum may know.


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