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long story short, I'm having issues hooking up my htpc to my recently purchased dlp tv.

relevant info:

Mitsubishi 60" WD-606380 DLP television

HTPC running windows 7 x64

using integrated graphic (nvidia 8200???)

Everything was working perfect on my Samsung 32inch but will not play nicely with the DLP. The television will display "No Signal" Whenever i turn it to the appropriate input. I have tried different cables and different computers (a laptop i have that has hdmi out does the exact same thing)

I can get it to "work" two ways:

1) I turn on the tv, put the input to the appropriate hdmi port, then start the computer. I can navigate through the desktop and watch videos BUT if i change the input then try and change it back "No Signal" is displayed :/

2) I turn everything on (dlp tv, computer, and 32 inch samsung), plug the hdmi port into the samsung, take it out, then plug it into the dlp. It will recognize the signal that way. Once again, when the input is changed, "No Signal" will be displayed.

I really want to keep this TV but don't want to jump through hoops every time I want to watch something. If anyone has experience with these particular television sets and htpc, you're help would be greatly appreciated.

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Mits (and others) use to have a dedicated HDMI input for a PC. This probably doesn't, due to cost cutting with few inputs available (reason to keep older sets; more inputs).

Your 'integrative' graphics is another problem. More cost cutting (by buying a pre-made PC). No separate video card.

This is all a 'handshake' problem between the video out and the TV.

I would get a dedicated video card specifically for HDTV's with an option for component out. ATI sells a DVI to component adapter for just this (or use to).

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I had a very similar problem to yours with my 60738 (that is if you have your HDMI labeled as PC on your television). I solved it by changing the input type selection on the television menu to anything except PC. I currently have my input (HDMI 1) for my pc labeled as HDMI-1. For some reason when PC was selected as the input type on the television menu, my PC would not display.

This despite this note from the manual:

4. In the New Device Found screen, press to

highlight PC in the list of device types. It is important

to use the name PC so that the TV processes

the PC signal correctly.

I don't know what processes are happening but they ain't happening right when PC is selected because nothing is displayed.

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