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Mitsubishi DLP light engine on the fritz?

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Okay folks, I'm hoping one of you can provide some insight into what's going on. I have a Mitsubishi-WD-52525 DLP HDTV and a number of digital devices driving it.

Starting about a month or so ago I watched the HD-DVD of Happy Feet on my HDA1 and noticed sparkles, or snow, in the picture. It only seemed to be in areas of black and was about a half-inch to a few inches of length cropping up in the same places. In some parts scenes with lots of motions, some vertical sparkling lines would appear and literally dance around where the main action was. Very noticeable around black objects or black backgrounds. Every since then, the issue has gotten worse. I assumed my HDMI cable was bad so I switched to component and had the same issue. My computer started giving me similar issues when going DVI to HDMI (I only have one HDMI port so have to swap out a lot). Media Center text sometimes comes alive with dancing static. Making matters worse, even HD through my cable is suffering from this issue now. The odd thing is, standard def looks fine. My standard def channels don't seem to exhibit this issue and my OPPO97H, when connected via DVI to HDMI, is flawless. Solong story short, all HD signals are plagued with video noise while standard def is fine.

I'm thinking my DLP light engine may be malfunctioning at this point. Tried disconnecting various other components to see if something was creating feedback and had no luck. Any thoughts?
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I have never had a problem like that. My 52525 has been on for 13231 hours and had two lamp replacements. I wouldn't know what a light engine problem would look like.

The only problems I have had were when searching for digital channels the TV shuts itself off before its finished, The HDMI picture is shifted down a half inch to an inch on my cable box when compared to Component (could be the box), the did you replace the lamp question pops up for no reason after I turn the TV on sometimes, and not quite in the middle of the screen a line appears every once in a while for like a second its like the image coming of the mirror didn't line up.
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