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My WD60735 is displaying some odd behavior. About a year ago it started displaying the white dots of doom, and I had the DLP chip replaced. All has been well with the TV since then until recently. This is what now happens occasionally:

http: //i.imgur.com/Gd7jDSJ.jpg (sorry I can't post links yet because I am a new member. This image is what my TV looks like when it goes all Matrix-y and glitchy

It happens regardless of what input I'm using (HDMI's, Component, etc) however, the TV overlays (like when you press volume up or down) are clear and not "glitchy".

It's starting to happen more frequently, so I know something must be going bad. The glitchiness doesn't go away, until I shut the TV off and leave it for awhile. Then it'll be ok until it randomly starts up again.

Just trying to get an idea of what it could be, the cost, and if it's just time to replace this thing.

Sorry if this has been addressed in a previous thread. Searched through many but couldn't find this exact issue. Thanks in advance!


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