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So... this is kind of a weird situation. I actually own both projectors. I have a dedicated theater which right now has the HC4000 ceiling mounted in it and in its current location I have to have the keystone set to +/-3 (I forgot if its + or -) anyways, my projector needs to be dropped down 6" to have no keystone but I don't have an adjustable mount. I just picked up the HC6800 for $500 which is a steal. I've had the HC4000 for a while and love the black levels and want to keep the black levels. So here's my pros and cons. Which projector should I keep and which should I sell?

Before deciding, take my room into account:
-Eggshell enamel Black walls/ceiling
-16'x10' ---Projector Mount is at 14' from the screen---
-9' tall pitched ceiling
-Projector mount is at 80"
-Elite Screeens Fixed Frame 1.1 gain 100"
-Seating is about 13' from the screen

HC4000 Pros:
-Great black levels
-Already installed
-Great color
-1300 Lumens (I like lower brightness, My screen is white and highly reflective, not grey) +helps with darks
-5,000 hr life in mode I use (eco)

HC4000 cons:
-Needs to be dropped 6" to remove keystone... I can fix this easily, I've just been lazy
-25db fan noise
-No lens shift
-Only 3,000:1 contrast (but it is still pretty damn impressive)

HC6800 Pros:
-30,000:1 Contrast
-20db fan noise
-If I don't keep it, I can flip it and make $300-400
-Lens Shift

HC6800 cons:
-1500 Lumens (I'm going to assume it doesn't have as great blacks as the HC4000)
-Larger (not really a problem, just smaller looks better)
-4,000hr bulb life
-LCD? maybe motion blur, but I read it's not a problem with this projector
-Produced in 2009, so has older technology than the HC4000

What do you think? Should I sell the 6800 and keep what I have installed or switch em out and sell the HC4000? I'm a little more concerned about black levels 60%/40% than contrast.
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