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Mitsubishi Plasma's

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Does anybody have any experience/knowledge about Mitsu. 50" plasmas? What do you folks think about them?
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I've had the PD-5050 for about a month and I'm satisfied.
What do you like about it? Can you further discuss what it is you like? Can you set preferences for each input? Are you running HD through it? How do DVD's look on it, and do you have a progressive player, etc., etc.? Are the colors and clarity awesome, or do you get some red push, and how about different shades of black in dark scenes?
Whoa...let me catch my breath! :cool:

I have the DirecTV HD package and the Denon 3910 DVD player. Unfortunately, most of my preferred programs are still in SD and, to date, my viewing habits are 90% TV and 10% DVD. I would not characterize the colors and such as "awesome" but, when viewing HD, they are DAMN good! There are 6 picture memory settings so you can customize each input, including the various HD TiVo resolutions.

As far as red push, shades of black, and all that other gibberish, I don't pick it apart like other aficionados on this board do. However, I am extremely detail-oriented and, from what I've seen so far, everything looks fine. I have no interest in dissecting it more than that. Furthermore, I got 20% off the current retail price at GG for a set that, sandwiched between 2 Fujitsu's, more than held its own. That's all I needed to see and I pulled the trigger.

As an aside, I did have it ISF calibrated last week and I noticed an immediate improvement in the SD quality. Finally, from what I've read about the NEC50XR4 (highly praised in this forum), these units are one and the same. I mention that because there is very little info on the PD-5050 on this board - or anywhere else for that matter. I would recommend driving 10 miles to the Walnut Creek GG and see it for yourself.

Good luck with your decision,

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Thank you for a great response. Actually, I was in the Walnut Creek GG about a month ago and they had the 50" Mitsu next to one of their DLP units (a little bit bigger, like maybe 55") and I couldn't believe how much better the plasma looked. I read so much on this forum about Panny, Pio and Fujitsu that I forget about Mitsubishi. I've had a RPTV from Mitsu for 12 years that's been great. Even getting it ISF'd a couple of years ago helped, and believe me, a vintage 1992 RPTV didn't have a lot of adjustibility. I'll look real hard at this plasma. Thanks.
I too have been to the Walnut Creek GG store. I am looking for a 42" Plasma - and Mits has discontinued this size. Too bad for me as I found the pq on the mits to be excellent.

I am not familiar with the newer 50" Mits models, but so long as they have an HDMI or HDCP compliant DVI input they should be a great option and in the same league as the Panny or NEC or pioneer. I think the Fuji is one step above all these brands (but you definitely pay for it).

I live on Alameda and have a Mits PD5010. What is Walnut Creek GG? And, gq91355, how did you get your set ISF calibrated? I had Mr. Bob look at my set but he admitted that he has not worked much on plasmas, which was a disappointment. I find the component connection from my Samsung TS360 is a bit sharper than the DVI connection. Have others had this experience, or should I see a superior PQ in DVI with calibration?


Spencer Gross
Walnut Creek Good Guys

I can't speak to the PQ difference between inputs because I've been viewing HD TiVo thru HDMI since Day 1. Maybe I should check out component just to confirm which is indeed better.

As for calibration, I paid an ISF technician to calibrate my plasma. You can search for one in your area at the following link:


For the noticeable improvement in SD, combined with my lack of desire in trying to do it myself, it was money well spent.
The Mitsubishi 5050 is a rebadged NEC XR4 (or XM4) with an HDMI input in place of the DVI found on the NEC and a different bezel (a nicer one IMO). From what I could tell, its otherwise identical.

The XR4 is a great set (I had one) and if you do a search on this forum you'll find a substantial amount of information. My only gripe (with the NEC) was the image retention.

Here is a quality review of the Mitsubishi/NEC.

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