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Mitsubishi Unveils 17 1080p TVs at Line Show

Of all the specs and figures flying around at Mitsubishi's 2007 "Get the Big Picture" line show in New York Monday, one designation stands out: 1080p.

Every TV announced by Mitsubishi is 1080p, including eight LCD flat panels and nine DLP microdisplay rear-projection TVs (RPTVs).

Among the features Mitsubishi touted was "thin frame." The idea is that the picture will extend closer to the edges of the TV than on previous models. A larger TV, therefore, can take up the same amount of wall space as a smaller, older model.

"A Mitsubishi 40-inch LCD will fit into the space of other 37-inch LCD displays," said David Naranjo, director of product development.

For more on the 17 1080p HDTVs introduced, check out
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