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What can I do (if anything) to get my computer to display on my Mits without over scanning or under scanning?

I have used a computer with an Intel gma 950 and a Nvidia 8600M DVI=> HDMI adapter, Would a DVI or VGA to component work any better?

The TV does not seem to like the nvidia software scaling built in to the 8600M drivers as it just reverts back to use the built in display and does not work when I stretch or shrink the screen.

The 8600M was close but it did not quite fill out the edges (useless for any type of DVD's IMO) the gma 950 has the under scanning black boarder all around and is not that great of a performer at 1920x1080 and the under scanning gets much much worse at lower resolutions

The TV's zoom feature pushes the edge of the desktop so far the start bar disappears I tried power strip and any change I make just nets me a black screen..

Anyone here tired a new GPU with an HDMI connector built in?

I am starting to think the whole HTPC is well retarded until computer GPU's start talking NTSC like the Xbox 360/PS3 etc..
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