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Sonic Electronix has the WD-73737 73" DLP listed for $1799. However, I was able to get it for $1650 shipped by clicking the "Make an Offer" button and submitting $1600. The system gave me the $1650 price and let me add the TV to my cart. I also added a 4-year SquareTrade warranty for $192, for a total of $1842 shipped.

The cheapest I see at PriceGrabber is $1748 shipped.

Can't post URL since I have 0 posts, but search at sonicelectronix dot com

Television Features:

* 73" DLP High-Definition Television with 1080p Display

* 1080p 5G Technology uses 12-bit video processing to reformat 720p and 1080i signal so that it fills the 1080p screen with a sharp, detailed picture

* Smooth 120Hz displays a more natural and smooth moving image that is free from motion blur

* Video noise reduction identifies video noise and correct the signal rather than distort it

* SharpEdge signal processing enhances horizontal and vertical edge for a more precise picture

* DeepField Imager adjusts brightness and contrast for the best settings in all areas of the picture

* 6-Color Processor products magnificent colors with a wider range of color and whiter whites

* Deep Color technology creates a smooth transition between different color shades

* Picture mode allows the user to optimize the image depending on the lighting conditions in the room

* Detects and applies film-decoding correction while in film mode

* Experience video games and movie with 3D Technology

* Two 10W Internal speakers

* Energy star 3.2 Qualified

* 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Product Specifications:

* Screen size: 73"

* Display resolution: 1920 x 1080

* Direct IR Input selection

* 3D IR Emitter

* Brilliant, bright, natural, game and advanced video modes

* 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i (60Hz)

* 1080p (24Hz, 30Hz, 60Hz)

* 1 Antenna (RF) Input

* 1 Component/Composite input

* 1 Stereo audio input for PC

* 3 HDMI Inputs

* Dimensions: (with stand) 17.9"D x 65.2"W x 43.6"H
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