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Mitsubishi WD52327 and PC Gaming

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I recently bought a Mitsubishi WD52327 from a local store. I know there were discussions on some other threads about not getting this unit because they stripped down some nice features of other nicer Mitsubishi sets.

For those who may not know some of the limitations on this set:

- Even though the native resolution is 720p, it does not accept a 720p signal.

- One digital input -- DVI w/HDCP

I still have one more month to evaluate the unit and figure out if I am going to keep it--they will refund my money if I don't want it. The main reasons that I bought it are:

- The picture quality for analog Cable TV is awesome -- I actually saw other TVs next to it with the same feed and this Mits was just outstanding!

- 0% financing for three years from Mitsubishi (only way I could afford it).

- Better price (I paid $2650.00) than other sets that did not have such good quality (within price range).

The main use that I will have for this set is XBOX gaming (which looks really good!), DVD movies, ocassional Analog Cable TV (for now--may switch to HDTV later on), and if possible PC Gaming.

I have an nVidia 6600GT OC video card which came with an adapter that outputs Component video out. I believe nVidia supports 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i. I spent some time trying to output 480 and 1080 modes, but the video looked aweful...

So, here is where my question comes in. Even though I feel this is way too much money from what I wanted to spend on a TV... should I try to work around this issue?, take the TV back and probably loose the 0% offer and get a different similar price range TV?

I really appreciate your feedback...
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I bought a WD-52525 for $2700 at Best Buy the week before the Super Bowl. It will accept a 720p signal. I know that they aren't that cheap now, but I'd return the 327 and wait a little while for the 525 to drop down to a similar price. Best Buy also gave me 0% financing.

Basically, you will never get a good, readable PC display if you can't input a native signal. Given the limitations of the 327 with respect to the inputs it can accept, and since you want to use a PC with it, it seems like a no-brainer to return it.

Take a look at the upgrades that the 525 has over the 327. It has an RGB port for PC connection. It has an HDMI port. It has a cablecard and an ATSC tuner. It has firewire I/Os. And it will accept a 720p signal. And for about the same price if you wait for a sale.
Thanks for the feedback...I talked with the salesman, and he told me that he can give me the WD52725 for $3050.00 -- I think I am going for it!...The only thing that I don't like is the reflective screen--I guess I'll have to buy the kit to remove it!
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