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Mitsubishi wd82-738 geometry ?

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Ok so I just bought a brand new 82 738 for a steal over an 838 and i previously had 2 73" diamond series tv's. I hook my computer up to my tv via hdmi and use it as a monitor for gaming, homework and whatever else I use my pc for. Now to fix the overscan issues I resized my desktop (my computer has a gtx580 sli setup) to fit the screen perfectly, but there are places on the tv and in the corners where the edges are not straight when I move browsers around. I dont want to say warped, just bowed areas. It did this with the 73's but 82 is soooo much more noticeable.

As a computer guy Im pretty good at fixing things and Ive been in the service menus and Im kind of lost on trying to straighten out these lines. The tv has a usb port and I was wondering since it will let you reset the changes you made, can you load some sort of geometry setting that way? Like someone elses calibration loaded on a usb drive to try on the tv?

If not am I being to unrealistic by wanting these bowed areas straight? And if not Where in dallas would I start to find someone to do that and how much would that cost?

also I had one more? Would a new blub look better than a blub with about 4000 hours on it. I was thinking about this for my 73.

Thanks guys
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Did you look through the 738/838 owners thread? Try doing a search for 'geometry' in there. Someone posted a couple of posts of how to get into the service menu and adjust the geometry. I used it to adjust my 82738, took a little while to get used to the process but eventually got comfortable with it and straightened things out a bit (mine wasn't really that bad to begin with it).

Unfortunately, I cannot remember who the user was who posted it or when. I have it bookmarked at home but I'm not there right now. So the best I can offer is yes, it can be adjusted, and to search the owners thread for 'geometry', or maybe 'service menu' to find the right post.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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