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Novice looking for help: I need to get front L&R on-wall speakers for the great room in our new house; need to keep cost under $1,000 (ideally by a comfortable margin). Room is approx 20X18 with 15' ceiling, and opens in the back to the kitchen. Speakers will mostly be used for music but also a good amount for movies/TV (probably a 70/30 split). WAF important since this is not any dedicated HT/audio space--it's the main living area. Prior owners had small cubes for front L/R (Bose?) so the wiring is already in place.

First Curveball: The house has whole house audio with in-ceiling JBL speakers (don't know the model). The great room already has two of these that will also serve as back surround speakers in addition to non-HT music; a separate Marantz receiver (not an AVR) powers the whole house audio except for the HT speakers in the great room that will run off an Onkyo 705.

Second Curveball: There is already a Cambridge Soundworks center speaker in a very narrow shelf above the TV; I think it's an old Center Channel Plus, based on the dimensions (about 25" wide by 4" high). That speaker is REALLY tightly wedged in and preferably would like to keep there, partly because I think some destruction would be needed to remove it and partly because I don't know what else would fit in that space anyway.


If I keep the CSW center, do I need to use CSW speakers for the L/R to keep the front consistent? If so, any recommendations? MC300 maybe? How will they mesh with the in-ceiling JBLs in back?

Thoughts on the keeping or replacing the existing CSW center channel?

Random thoughts on Focal SibXL--I liked them at Tweeter and they would be under budget if I used them for front L/R--but would a set-up consisting of CSW and Focal in the front, and JBL in the back be too much like this post (that is, all over the map)?

Thanks for reading.

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