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Guys Sometimes I wish hadnt discovered this site the more I read the the more I spend I am becoming an addict here know....Its great for knowledge but bad for the pocket book...........

I pulled the trigger for denon 2310 amp.

For speakers it was either epic master 60 (axiom) def mythos 8 or the millennia 20's.

I am getting a great deal on the paradigms millennia 20's I was thinking of getting 3 of them for centre and for left and right..I am really confused about the rears salesman is giving me a great deal cause he is new but cant answer my question for the rears.

Problem is that my couch touches the real wall where the speakers will be mounted everyone says rears should be 2 feet behind I cant have that all in this case so If get the millennia 20's for the rears as well be a waste of money since they just might be firing the sound to the centre of the room would the adp's be better in this case or im even thinking about putting the sq8's in the back since they fire in all directions.....Would this be better ?

Mythos 8 would they be better sounding than millennia 20's i know its subjective and all that Im am donkey I dont know its strictly for watching hdtv sports and blue ray movies..

To summarize If i get the millennia 20's for centre left and right...Would the millennia 20's in the rears be better than the adp's( millennia) or would the sq8"s (axiom be better.) Reason I m confused its because of my couch touching the rear walls im concerned about the sound effect between them..

Please help me here I wanna pull the trigger price is great .
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