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I am running a 5.1 system: LCR = 3x MK s-150's 2x Ss-150 Tripole surrounds in my home theater and they are powered by a Sherwood Newcastle A-965 7x mono block amp. I am also running two MK MX-350 12" Powered Subs for the lows.

Now that i have a new house with a fairly clean looking living room I have been wondering if i might sell of my trusty in-your-face setup for a more modern, less imposing and bachelor-looking speaker system. I like to watch movies nice and loud, and I occasionally like to listen to music ranging from Classical strings to Classic Rock.

What do you think; modernize or stick with them?

Any recommendations on a 5 speaker set that would take advantage of the Sherwood Newcastle A-965 power, look better, and maybie perform a little better with music?

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