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Ripped first few BDs and HDVDs using guide in thread hd to mkv the options are endless.

They play great launched through mediabrowser into windows media player. I have the new divx labs installed with ac3filter.

However in mpc-hc when I start a movie, every 10-15 seconds it inserts a few frames that it has already shown. To break it down it's like 10 seconds of opening scene, .5 second of the first .5 second of opening scene, 10 more seconds of opening scene, .5 second of a frame 10 seconds ago, etc...

If I stop/pause the movie and then resume in a few the problem goes away. If I skip ahead it comes back. I'm getting hardware acceleration and the cpu is at 8% so it's not overtaxed.

I can live with wmp, but I like the pq and customization of mpc and this stopping a starting is annoying and doesn't really meet the WAF.

I'm running win 7 fresh install on a amd 550 on a gigabyte 785g with a his 4670 hdmi to onkyo 705 to an xbr2. I have Haali, directx9, divx, and they're setup by the guides over hack7mc. No codec packs. I ripped with no compression with the dts core track.

thanks in advance,

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