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OK i am trying to convert a HD mkv file to HD-WMV to play on my xbox. I am using Nic's WMEnc v1.02. I have the mkv file on the root of my hd and an avs script which contains


movie.mkv is the name of the file i am trying to convert.

So i start up wmenc and select WMA10 Professional as my audio and make sure my "use audio" box is checked. I am using 384kbps 5.1 48khz 24bit CBR as my audio settings. For my video i am using WMV9 Advance Profile bitrate is 600000

quality is at 100, FPS is the same as my source 23.97 and secs/kf is at 5. The resolution is "use input size". Use VBR is checked and set to 95 for quality.

The final wmv file that results from this plays just fine, quality is great only problem is there is no audio, none. if i play the mkv file in WMP or zplayer or vlc it works fine, in 5.1 just like it should, just when i convert it to wmv the audio is gone. I checked out the stream info in VLC for the MKV file and the audio codec is A52. I do notice though if i open the avs script in zplayer there is no audio, which leads me to believe that i am missing something in the avs script. Any help would be much appreciated. I am really sorry that my first post here is a shameful cry for help.
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