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MMG C reviews?

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I'm thinkg about an MMG W, MMG C setup for my HT, I have found several reviews about the MMG W's being great but not many reviews about the center channel. How does the c perform now that some of you have had a chance to use it?

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I like mine. But then I really like the large size sound field Maggies produce. I have a 7' wide screen for my front projector.

Here is a post from the Audio Asylum from a person with both Maggie center speakers.

" I had a MGCC2 running center between MG12s. It sounded great, but then came the MMGC & MMGWs. I was drawn in by the "no-crossover" single driver concept and bought them.

In short both are great. The MMGWs are absolutly fantasic. The sound just hangs in the air without any feeling that you can point at where it comes from. Better than any side or rear I have heard in multi-channel and better than the best I heard from the old time-delay units in the 70s. The down side is the WAF is zero and I'm selling them. :( But, this is about the MMGC.

So I compared the MMGC & MGCC2. Interesting difference. The CC2 had a little better side axis performance and the quasi-ribbon is real nice, but the low end suffered and compared to the MMGC the MMGC simply had a more satisifying low end while still sounding very natural. After some more listening I thought "I'm going to need to sell both centers and get a CC3 to be happy".

Well I sold the CC2 and got too busy trying to move the MMGws and forgot about the center. Life moves on and you listen... After some time I have come to the conclusion the MMGC simply outperforms the CC2 in all regards. Not based on specs, etc, but rather on day to day listening. I have found the MMGC to offer extremely natual sound, never coming across bright, and offering a low enough bottom end to give voices and other sounds what they need. It's kind of funny. Originally I felt there was top end air with the CC2 that did not exist with the MMGC, then after living with it, (break-in maybe?), I have found the top end air without much bottom end on the CC2 does not sound as real, or natural, as the MMGC. I would say the MGCC2 offers a very open, comfortable, and real sound to it.

James Taylor Live at the Beacon sounds very very good. Movies sound very good. Low level details are easy to hear from it. I never feel like "where's the top end, or where's the bottom end. Maybe the word I'm looking for is it sounds "correct".

I walked into the room tonight while my family was watching a movie. In the past my quiet reaction would be "ahh don't them Maggies sound good..." Tonight I found this replaced with a feeling someone was standing in the room speaking as the sound came from the MMGC. I never felt this way with the CC2...

Magnepan did a good job with it. It's well worth the $300.00. A little more directional than the CC2, but simply better sounding. Ignoring the CC2 I went through 4 different centers trying to find the proper blend. I found out Maggie fronts demand a Maggie center for proper blend. I just thought I would share this if anyone is considering the MMGC.

Thanks for listening..."
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Thanks for the reply, I will have a screen about that wide and haven't heard maggies before but the price and reviews sound great. What sub do you use with your system?

Old 15" sub that desperately needs replacement...maybe next year.

I'm thinking either the new SVS 10" sub or an EZtube kit from Creative Sound Solutions http://www.creativesound.ca/details....l=EZTUBESHIVAP

If you need to place the center under the screen, see my post on the other MMG-W thread. It was titled "Hidden adjustment on MMG-C".

After reading the lastest review, I'm going to experiment with placing my W's wider.
In my lowly opinion you'd be better off with some modern cone speakers efficiently pumping out the full dynamics of the sound... Maggies are nice but there is a cost to all that airyness.

They simply aren't dynamic, and tend to sound flat and compressed, unless you get the big beautiful Maggies that cost 3k a pair, and require big amps.

With low end Maggies your at the beginning of an upgrade cycle that gets pretty expensive. I brought maggies into my house, and found the didnt even *start* to compare to my cone speakers until I got up to the Mag 1.6s

Even then, they sounded good on great source ( Like audiophile recordings), but poor on spotty source material (like movies and much of my rock collection).

My only point is, compare them side-by-side with some nice cones before you buy them, and throw a variety of source at them, good recordings and not-so-good recordings.
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