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mobile home theatre?

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I'm not sure if this has been asked yet, but I'm thinking about hooking up a home theatre system to my pc since they seem to be much better on sound quality. please redirect me if there are threads on this - i wasn't able to search any.

I'm looking for a sub $1k system that's somewhat portable. I'll be using it for everything - movies, anime, gaming, music, etc.

Do they make receivers that are relatively small in size?

I'd like to get some nice front two speakers.. and the rear two would just be to let me know if someone's sneaking up from behind in CS or bf2 or something
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HT on wheels? That may be an idea that could take off. Let's roll with it.
The klipsch Pro Media Ultra's are really decent.

You may be looking for a bit more upscale but, you should seriously listen to them before you wright them off.

One of my buddies is using them for his PC/Home Theatre and they sound excelent. I think they will be more than enough for most folks [ even in a good size room ] and they wont break the bank, quality for the money is pretty tough to beat

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how portable are we talking, I mean I can't think of any system that wasn't 2.1 that I'd want to carry around and even then I don't think it would be all that fun or good on the equipment.

I do like that Klipsch setup though
Or Logitech Z5500, again all these are very large even considering how small they are, when your talking about moving them frequently
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I'm in college doing a co-op program.. so it's moving b/w augusta and atlanta every semester. I guess computer speakers would be the way to go then? I already use the promedia 4.1s - do you think the z5500s or promedia ultras will be a worthwhile upgrade?

also forgot to ask.. are these speakers better or worse than say... polkr300s? or polk50s?
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