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Mobile HT system

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Well, my job requires that I move around a lot (4 or more times a year), so I needed a system that I could pack into my small car with the rest of my belongings. Things are further complicated because I live in apartments as well. With this in mind I picked out the volumetrically smallest equipment that I thought would perform decently. This is what I came up with:

receiver: Cambridge Audio Azur 540R

power amp: Emotiva BPA-1 (3 of them each run bridged for the front stage)

mains: era Design 5

center: era Design 4 LCR

surrounds: era Design 3

tv: Sharp Aquos LC-32D40U

dvd player/video games: xbox 360

misc: HP laptop

And now the pics:

without grills here, though I leave them on

I know the wires are terrible, but I really don't have any idea what to do about them

You can see I have the computer hooked up to the tv, which works great

The eras are truly beautiful these here are rosewood

a cardboard box I use for a table
It works perfectly though for what I need

setup in action

I didn't take any pictures of the surrounds because the one side is just sitting on some cardboard boxes and you don't need to see that.

As a side note, does anybody know when taking a digital photograph of a television how can you set up the white level? I tried just displaying a white screen on the tv and using the custom white balance setting, but that ended up being way too green. The picture above is the auto white balance, which turned out decent but it could be better.

edit: You may notice there is no sub, which is a bummer. I just couldn't justify it with the space it would take up in the car and plus living in apartments I can't use it at night when I usually am watching movies anyways. This is part of the reason I went with the slightly larger mains, so at least I could have decent extension for music.
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Excellent! I love thoe Eras. What you need is the Pioneer SE-DIR800C surround headphone setup.
Thanks! I have a decent set of headphones in the Senheiser HD515 that I use late at night if I want to listen loudly. I still personally much prefer speakers over headphones though especially for music.
Well I ended up moving apartments (actually this is my fourth move since I first posted
, which is why I need the system to be portable) and updating everything. I bought all my upgrades used.

I had only kept the emotiva BPA-1s from my previous setup for about a month. I really did not hear much improvement between them and my receiver.

As you can see I went from a 5.0 to 4.0. My mains are now the Usher "Tiny Dancers". I kept the era D3s, which I am still using for the surrounds. I am using a NAD T175 for a pre/pro and bel canto S300s for power. It kind of seems to be overkill to use the S300s for surround duty, but I can't find a stereo amp that is similarly small.

If anybody is interested in the era's or Cambridge Audio receiver from my previous setup I still have them for sale just pm me.
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