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Modded Xbox Reset Question

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Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. When playing a game on my modded Xbox and I soft-reset to the Avalaunch dash (L+R+Start+Back) my Aquos hdtv never detects that a signal change has happened (typically from 480p to the dash's 1080i) so the dash is garbled.

The only thing I find that works is powering down the system with my remote, then powering back up. What I'm wondering is if anyone's found a hacked bios that refreshes the video signal during a soft reset, because the Xecuter bios I'm using obviously doesn't.

Thanks in advance.
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You can power down the Xbox 1 with a remote?!?!
Okay, maybe I was asking this on the wrong site.

Yes, there's a very easy mod you can make to the XBox 1 where you plug three wires into the motherboard power socket leading to an IR reciever you feed through the holes in the bottom. It's a very, very easy mod. The mod allows discrete on/off codes so it works great with HT remotes like the Harmony 880.
Yeah XBOX-SCENE may be your best bet. Have you tried the soft-reset with other dashes aside from AVA? I have never had any problems with the older X2 BIOs not being able to switch resolutions properly after reset.

Not being an avaluanch expert, it sounds to me to be an ava issue with their 1080i settings as opposed to the BIOS. The BIOS at core just allows homebrew code to be run. Avaluanch is that homebrew code that is allowing you to do 1080i resolutions. And if AVA is unable to re-render 1080i resolutions after an IGR, then I would think it was an AVA issue instead.

Personally, I have never liked the 1080i settings of any dash as it was very processor intensive on the XBOX1 and left lots of rooms for bugs to arise.
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