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Modem Hang Ups - Possible Solution !!!

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for anyone who has given up and quit reading the 100+ messages in the thread, richierich may have found a solution, i just tried this on both my SS and they both connected & downloaded with no problem :D

I too am convinced that there have been some changes that have resulted in modem problems for us (I, like the rest of you, started having frequent problems about 2 months ago). Following the advice posted in the FAQ, I have come to what I believe is a fine conclusion. I first went to to check on available telephone numbers (and what the access restrictions are). After locating the three numbers in my area (one should note that using either Replay's WWW site or the phone number look-up service you often end up with a mostly useless set of numbers that includes many long distance numbers over 100 miles away but none of the local numbers) I went to work.

Just to be on the safe side, I used a telephone prefix that would give one of the local phone numbers (my prefix does not) and let ReplayTV look up phone numbers. I then selected the local number and continued through the change phonenumber sequence. After I was done (somewhere about 9 months ago I did something that made it skip checking the program guide when I finished so I didn't have to wait through an attempted dial-up) I went through the change phonenumber sequence again, but this time the only thing I changed was the "access code" to enter before dialing out (generally this would be something like a 9 to get an outside line). In that box I put the local number that works (two of the three local numbers no longer will make a connection) followed by a pause [the box now reads 2045100,]. The purpose of the pause is to make the handshaking fail initially so communication protocol drops from v.90 to v.34 resulting in a slower, more reliable connection.

This results in a longer phone call (20 minutes) but higher reliability AND I can choose from the complete list of available "alternate" phone numbers (I am confident ReplayTV will never have a "primary" number in my area).

As an addendum, it should be noted that if you want to download a new list of access numbers you will have to remove the "access code" information--I actually tried it to see if it would work and it doesn't.
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What a great idea to post the possible solution in a separate thread. Admittedly, I was giving up on the old one, and had not gone through it all.

I am having problems with my open box SS also, as it hangs up prematurely a lot also. Will give this solution a try.

Thanks again lizard_boy and richierich

I have dialed in successfully for about a week now since doing this. Thanks to richierich for finding a solution.

On a different note, why did it stop working for all of us 2 months ago?:confused:

Suggestion to Replay: Fix this. You should step down the modem speed after a unit has "the modem hang up" for 3 or 4 consecutive days.

Thanks go out to those on this forum since all calls to the Replay official line of support ended up being ignored, blown off, prematurily closed. Nuff said.
Well, I've posted a reply to the original thread as well to bump it to the top. As note there, I tried 3 different local numbers with pause in the prefix, and could not get the unit to even connect, so I do not think this is a real fix. Reports of improvements are probably just co-incidence.

I'm hoping at least one of the ReplayGuys will see this and help us escalate this problem with Customer Service. The responses that some people are getting from Customer Service are clearly clueless, and have been tried many, many times by users here.

:confused: ReplayGuys ... where are you when we really need you !!!:confused: This issue is widespread, and is making our units practically useless. Please help track down the real problem and solution!
well now i'm really confused...i did this to both my showstoppers and now one is connecting about 80% of the time and the other one's modem continues to hang up

later this week when i have some free time i'm going to swap the two units and see what happens then...this will give me some idea if it's a phone-line problem or if each SS has its own unique problem
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