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Hi All,

I've been watching from a distance for a while, amazed at some of the truly jaw-dropping rigs and living room setups.

So I thought I would join in and post an intro.

Back in 2006, my super ultra mega budget setup was a Sylvania 19" flat monitor and a $10 DVD player from Fry's Marketplace. Rounding out the sound was a pair of Labtech Spin 65's. (go ahead.. chuckle if you like) :) I still do.

A couple of years ago, I was finally able to start expanding my gear. I inherited a nice LG 50PG20 LED / LCD TV from a friend for a $200 love gift.

Thanks to eBay, I now have a somewhat respectable A/V setup --

Aiwa AV-DV 75u 5.1 receiver
Aiwa 5 disc CD changer
Panasonic Blu Ray
2 Sony 8" subs
2 Sony 6.5" subs at the back
Aiwa SX-ZR525 mains
Aiwa SX-NV90 front surrounds
Aiwa SX-N3500 back surrounds (linked to the NV90's in series)
Boston Acoustics 424v center (customized)

DirecTV HD

NOTE: All of the speakers have been modified with acoustic foam & they sound terrific!

The apartment living room dimensions are a little cramped 12'x20', but I think works pretty well. I barely have the super woofers up half way, for a max total of 170 watts. The bass is very even and the only null is right in the middle of the floor.

Thanks for letting me share my little theater!


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As long as YOU are happy, that is all that matters. I am certain you have some respectable audio quality there, I ran Aiwa (the model before yours, actually) back in the Pro Logic days and that thing would not only crank to insane levels, at more normal levels, was very respectable in my opinion.
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