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Modifying Remote Codes w/3.0

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Help! When my brand new Replay 3030 got updated to 3.0 last night, I no longer could enter in a "custom" remote code for my cable box. They all seem to be predefined now (mine take 0003, but needs to be 6003 for 2 digit channels 1-9). Its really wierd because I first set it up last night (pre-3.0) I could enter in any code and the cable box worked fine, but today when I changed the cable provider in setup, and stupidly tried to re-enter my remote code.... I couldn't. Any suggestions?

Golfer Guy.
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Thanks PRMan..

My bad.. Sorry I didn't check the FAQ first. My big question is how are common folk (who aren't smart enough to check the FAQ or here first) suppose to know about this stuff since the manual doesn't correspond to the menus in 3.0?

Thanks again.
Now, when you are on the screen labelled "Code Set Selection" press Zones. This will take you to the Fine Tuning screen, where you can just tell it to always use 2 digits or Enter or whatever.

Check out the FAQ at www.replaytvfaq.com for more information. It's also linked at the top of the page.



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