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Modular Wall Plate

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I am wiring up my game room and can't find what I need. I would like a 2-gang modular face plate to hook up the following (but can't find it):

- 2 RG-6 Coax

- L/R surround

- L/R Zone 2

- 2 Cat 6

- 1 USB (can this be done?)

That's 13 plugs...

- For the USB, I would like to run a cable to the other side of the room in the attic that would allow me to connect my USB controllers to my 360. I have not seen this, so don't know if it is doable.

I've looked on monoprice and do not see anything that would fit...

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13 is an odd number. I have seen 6 "keystone" jacks for a single gang, so I am sure that they make a 12-jack double gang. Here ya go:

For the jacks, I know Monoprice has some of the audio ones.

For the USB keystone jacks and other keystone jacks you need, just google "USB keystone" and so forth.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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