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Momitsu dvd DVI output to Sharp DT-200..Problems!!

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I just picked up a Momitsu v880 DVD player today, and cannot get DVI out from 880 to pj via a DVI cable, no matter what I do...Input 2 is supposed to be the DVI input on the Sharp...anyone have this combination or equipment? I am on hour 4 of monkeying around with this and am about to throw it all out the window!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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My V880 just arrived. After 2 movies, DVI output just quit!

Composite and S-video still working fine.

I'm about to return the machine

Check it with your PC monitor to make sure the player is working

Good Luck

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May be a silly questions, but have you guys tried cycling through the video modes on the v880 using the video button on the remote?
Have you switched the small toggle switch on the back of the DT-200

to the PC Mode ?
Really? Use PC mode, even though it is a dvd player connected to my PJ?

I have to agree with Ray. That Momi' outputs more like a PC then a DVD player. The internal scaler send out a res signal just like a PC. Hope that works for you. When you get it working, let us know what you think of the PQ.
Thanks guys...I did finally get it working...not sure what I did, but I did change it to pc mode, as well...PQ is great...Picture is not quite as smooth as I expected but I've done binocular defocus and RGB settings per guitarman...initially I was getting no signal from DVI port on momi, so it seems like I finally did whatever to "turn it on", almost like something was stuck.:)
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