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momitsu & extron

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Hi all,

I read that the ouput of the Momitsu is a bit low and need an external amp to boost the signal, like the Extrons

The difference is huge whit the amp?

The Extron have rgb input?

Which is the best way to do this any other amp?


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It seems from following the Momitsu threads that the need for an Exton amp may vary among projectors.

I have used this player with both a 1272 and G70. No amp needed with 35' cables. I run the G70 at 70 contrast for DVD's. Above 85 contrast the whites begin to become crushed. So in this application boosting the signal is not desirable.
My Momitsu looks a bit dark on my XG 852. I just bought an Extron 202 off Fleabay so we'll see if it helps.
The extron 109 has a HD15 input and RGBHV output.

The 50% gain setting is about all you will want to use unless you want extra detail (noise) that shouldn,t be there, added to your signal

The Extron 202xi has a continuous gain pot with finer control.

I have a 302 I picked up and haven,t tried this as of yet

The Momitsu works great with Barco,s and NEC,s without any gain but is needed for the Ampro,s and less so with the Marquee's

It's hard to find any gain unit's that don,t mess with the video in some way or another (except MP of course!)

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