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Hi all,

I've got my Momitsu V880 connected to my Sony VPL-HS10 via DVI with the following custom settings:

HorizFreq: 45000, VertFreq: 5600

VideoWidth: 1368, VideoHeight: 0768

HSyncTotal: 1784, PreHSync: 0056

HSyncActive: 0144, PostHSync: 0216

VSyncTotal: 0803, PreVSync: 0001

VSyncActive: 0011, PostVSync: 0023

HSyncPol: 0000, VSyncPol: 0000

The questions I have are:

1. How do I know what signal is being output i.e. 480P, 720P, 1080i or do these not matter when I'm getting 1:1 mapping (which I assume I am).

2. With the above settings (and presumably 1:1 mapping) am I getting the best possible picture available, or is there some other settings I can try?

3. In the setup menu for the HS10 projector, there is a GAMMA option where I can select between GRAPHICS and TEXT. Currently i have it set to Graphics but when I switch it to Text it brightens the picture up a lot more. Should it remain on GRAPHICS which I assume is better for video, or would it be better to run in TEXT, which I thought might be a setting for doing business presentations with a laptop.

Don't get me wrong, I am VERY happy with the picture I am getting from the combination of the Momitsu and the HS10 via DVI, but I guess I want to know if I have reached the pinnacle of video quality as far as the settings of each goes.


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