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Momitsu V880 DX Playing Problem

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I connected up today my new Deluxe model and did all the required settings for my Z2. Not happy so far.

The picture is great but is freezing up every 4 or so minutes for about 10 seconds then restarts again. After a while it stays frozen and none of the controls on the remote or player work. The only way to do anything is turn the power off to the unit at the power center.

I am using component for the Z2 and Composite for the old analog TV behind the drop down screen. I have tried both the 480P and 720P on the Z2 and NTSC C/S Video for the old TV. I have tried several DVD's on both the Z2 and TV and the problem is there on both. I reconnected my old Pio 563A and the DVD's worked fine with no problem on the Z2 or TV.

It's clearly a problem with the Momitsu. Can anyone please help?
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I've heard nothing but problems with these Momitsu uints. Also that you have to send them out of the country for service. See if you can get your money back and get a Denon, Hitachi or Panasonic. Good luck, I hope it works out OK.
I bought V880 for Z2 projector and I found the pq via DVI very impressive. But, I also experienced the same skipping and freezing like yours so, I returned the unit and get a refund.

After that I initially planned to buy Denon 2910 but, if I'm going to buy an upconvert dvd player I would rather upgrade my PC for HTPC usage via DVI. So, right now I'm studying HTPC.
Looks like I have to go back to HKFlix.com Monday to try and get it replaced or money back. I liked the region free and Pal options on this model. Pity they do not have a telephone number and have to it all by email.

Anyone had luck at getting a DVD player replaced or money refunded from HKFlix.com?
My 880DX works fine in last 7 days. I have a Panny 300U projector. No problem using composite, DVI and VGA "yet". MP3, JPG and DVD-R are OK too. But I have not tested the DD5.1 sound since I just sold my Denon 3803 receiver and is waiting for the new Yamaha 2500.

Good luck.

My player is going back today for replacement and hopefully the next one is okay. They didn't offer to pick up the freight but I am off overseas tomorrow for the rest of the week so couldn't muck around. Glad yours is working. The 5.1 audio worked fine for me when the player was working. I have had the Yamaha 2300 for a year now and it works great. You should be very happy with the 2500.
Originally posted by Nigel T

My player is going back today for replacement and hopefully the next one is okay. They didn't offer to pick up the freight but I am off overseas tomorrow for the rest of the week so couldn't muck around. Glad yours is working.
If you still have this player, try to open it and check for any loose cable, or even disconnect and reconnect them. It may fix your problem. The case is very easy to open with no protective label :) Hope it helps.

Here is the pics of my 880DX.

Just watched "The Insider" on the 880dx and 4805 with the DVI connection. Good transfer on this DVD.

Used Bob Williams DVI settings on color gain/offset.

The preset resolution (856x480) is nearly a perfect match with 4805's native resolution. No sound lag through the optical connection. 720p and 1080i looked a bit more detailed, but I'll stick with the native resolution for now.

The picture is not as sharp as the the 318 was through component, but the blacks are clean (no smudges), and the whites aren't crushed. Macrovision: disabled.

I ran about 10 DVDs through the player and it played all of them without any problems. Scarface, which is a really bad transfer, looked much better through DVI on the Momitsu than it did on the 318 component feed. It plays CDs fine; haven't tried any MP3's or DVD-R's, yet.

I'm happy with my purchase. Got it from HKFlix two days after I ordered it. They also threw in a kung fu DVD.

I likes me the 880dx. Very nice.
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I have the older version v880, connected to a Z2. Works great. Hopefully your next one will be problem free.

I would STRONGLY encourage you to connect via DVI. Yes, I know, the cable is expensive. The PQ is better via DVI with this combo. MUCH better. You've already spent this much money, you're very close to the goal line here... don't drop the ball now.

At least try it, to see for yourself.
My second one is great. Plays DVD's with no problems and the remote hasn't missed a beat. Nothing like the first model I got.
Good. Glad to hear it. Contrary to popular opinion, some of these Momitsu's actually DO work (quite well).

Now, get a DVI cable! ;>
I'm usually in the mood to make fun of my Momitsu but not today.

For max reliability:

1. Use the latest firmware. You can find your version in the setup menu.

2. After you put the DVD in the loader PULL THE PLUG for at least one minute then plug it back in. This clears the error buffer. Try it. Always PULL THE PLUG overnight or kill the power conditioner - never leave it plugged in. Again because of the error buffer.

3. Never use fast forward or rewind or switch chapters during the movie. Stopping / Restarting is OK.

Trust me this works. I'm an expert user of this flawed machine. Staple the rules on the front of the unit. Failure to comply will inevitably lead to the loader skipping, stuttering and freezing outright.

BTW, the DX has better DAC's than mine so your component may be better than mine (mine is totally laughable) but it won't approach its DVI quality. Go DVI, no other reason to use this basic flag reader otherwise. You can get a $70 Sony with better DACs and motion adaptive progressive scan for goodness sake.

Good Luck. Going Momitsu DVI while "following the rules" and a properly flagged 3:2 DVD this unit is almost untouchable at any price.
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