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Momitsu V880 power button behavior -- odd?

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The Momitsu power button on the front panel works a bit differently from other equipment I've used. Sometimes it takes a couple of presses to turn it on or off.

Today, just for fun, I held the power button down. The Momitsu then cycled on and off continuously -- so, it's not one press on, one press off, but is polled with a delay.

Is this configuration odd for a power button on consumer electronics?

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Paul Bigelow
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Yeah... I've noticed the same thing. Sometimes I've hit it 2 or 3 times before I get it "timed" right, and it shuts off. I just chalk it up to more Momitsu goofiness.

If the thing didn't play so damn well, I'd have absolutely no use for it. But it does... so I tolerate it.
It's no big deal to me, either -- on/off via remote commands has no problem that I can tell.

I just thought the behavior odd. It would be nice if Momitsu would release the firmware and let someone give the code a "fine polish".
This has been a problem for a while now. It cropped up after a previous firmware update. Oddly enough, if you program your remote macro to press stop before you press the power on button - it will work. It is as if you were waking up the V880. It seems to ignore the first command on power up.

It seems to ignore the first command on power up.
Same here. Also the open drawer button on the player almost always needs a second press to work. Anyway, no big deal for me.

The lack of firmware upgrades since May is starting to worry me. I hope they didn't stop supporting this player.
Ditto for me too...damn thing doesn't want to turn on or turn off. :D Same with the eject button heh. Finicky beast.
The power button no longer will turn the player off since flashing the May firmware. But since the remote powers it down, and the player has been flawless since the upgrade, I'll just use the remote only.

BTW. With the approach of winter, a few Momitsu owners killed their player with a static electricity spark at the power button.
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