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Moneual MonCaso 832P Cases?

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I can seem to find any info on Moneual cases. The model I'm looking at particular is the Moneual MonCaso 832P. Does anyone know if it can fit a large video card with his ODD in the middle?
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No idea on the 832, sorry. I do know that with the 932, it fits my 3870 fine, but I tried to install the aftermarket Accelero S1 cooler onto the 3870, and it was about two inches too tall for the case.
phythagore, since u have a 832 can you take a pic of the inside of your case and the back of it?

I cant find any online.

oh and also measure the (length) room available? Thanks a lot.
still need help, need reply asap, sry 4 the bump
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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