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Hi all, I have to buy a monitor to replace my old Lg 19. My use will be: 50% pc internet and multimedia, 30% xbox 360, 20% film.

I have a bad graphic card (geforce 210) because I play only with xbox 360.

I'm thinking if take a 24 or a 27 because the 27 is better with xbox 360 and film and 24 for the pc's general use.

I read more review and I think the the better monitors for me are these:

The 27 : Asus ve278q, Iiyama b2712hds, Lg e2770v-bf , Samsung 2770 fh. The best I read that is LG but I have'nt understand the input lag. How much is it?

The 24: asus vs248h , LG W2363D , Acer GD245HQ.

My budget is 300.

What do you recommend me?
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