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somehow I am mot getting the results from the replacement gsw12 I think I should get.

I have 2 issues: gsw output bearly audible and propper 12v trigger setup

the system is fully setup:

Onkyo 5008

2 x gs60 bi-amp

2 x gsfx

1 x gslcr

1 x gsw12

the gsw light is green. settings display is red.

settings on onkyo:

ohm are set to 6

speakers are set to

front 40 Hz

center 40 Hz

surround 40 Hz

LPF or LFE 100 Hz

sub level calibration at -1 dB

gsw settings unchanged. set to LFE.

at -24 dB the sub is barely audible, at 0 dB on gsw I get 62 dB output with spl using the onkyo test sound.

Do I need to raise the eq dB levels on the GSW first to make it work or should it work out of the box ?

would you have any idea whats causing this and how to isolate it.

2. Also I am using a malke 3.5 mm to male 3.5 mm stereo 12v trigger cable from the onkyp zone 2 to the gsw. How do I have to configure it so the onkyo turns on the GSw and also turns it off again ?

best regards

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