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Hello again, firstly i want to thank you all for your help in getting my sound system, i'm nearly there just the sub left.

I've got the DENON 1910 AVR with 4 Monitor Audio R90's. The centre Speaker is a MA R225 HD. The sub i wanted was the MA R720 but am finding it difficult to purchase, having said that I'm think i'm getting the MA R360 HD as i can pick one up for £200

is this a good sub for my set up?

are there better subs for £200 or less?

is it best to stick with a monitor audio sub due to my set up or should i look at others?

what is an adequate (but good quality) lead to connect amp to sub?

what are adequate (but good quality) speaker leads for my set up?

are optical cables standard or can you recomend some?

and finally, with this being my first step into decent audio should i get a specilist engineer to set it all up or will i be able to get the best out of my system by refering to the manuals? (i'm just thinking having gone this far should i go the extra mile?)

Kindest Regards Mortis
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