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I am currently going through a tax return style remodel of my modest theater and part of the upgrades are to my speakers. I am currently using:

Monitor Audio Silver 9i towers as R&L-rated 8ohm 150 RMS - 200 MAX

Monitor Audio Silver 12i Center rated 8ohm 150 RMS - 200 MAX

PSB Alpha B1 as surrounds rated 8ohm 60 RMS - 90 MAX

Definitive technology Subwoofer (gift, I think its 8 inch)

My receiver is a Pioneer Elite VSX-03TXH - 8ohm 110w MAX per channel (7channels) (surrounds only)

Crown XLS1000 2 channel - 8 ohm -215w MAX per channel (Main R&L) (running currently at 200w Max)

Sherbourn 2/150a - 8ohm 150w MAX Bridged to MONO (Center) (running at MAX 150w)

The system sounds great for what it is but aside from the age and quality of the speakers, you can see right off the Center is getting less power than the Mains and I don't have matching speakers so I am making some changes.

Even though I am spending like a mad dog I still have a limited budget on surrounds so here I am scrimping but hopefully you can tell me if I am going way to far out.


Surrounds - Monitor Audio Radius 180HD - Since these are larger than normal low end MA speakers because they are meant to be centers; I hope they can perform well as surrounds and match decently well with the new Mains. Any thoughts on going way out-of-the box with this idea?

I plan on keeping the surrounds on the receiver power since they require almost nothing, and collecting 4 of them for full 7 channel sound

Mains - Monitor Audio Silver RX6 - This is the big question; I am sure they will sound seriously better than the i series but I don't know how to power them to their best with my current amps. I know Monitor Audio loves power but these are rated to something like 120-140 max at 6 ohms? How much power should I put to these with my 8 ohm amps? While we are at it I am also not sure if when we settle on a good number that I should put that full power to them until they are broken in?

Center - Monitor Audio Silver Center - Same question as the mains

Subwoofer - Parts Express DIY Dayton 15" Ultimax build kit with Yung 500RMS Amp. I also plan on trying to balance the Definitive sub with this huge one if possible since the DT sub is a really good sub, just small. Any thoughts on placement or crossover, phase control?

My room is 15x18 with front seating (theater reclineers 3x) at 12' and rear seating (renovated movie theater chairs 4x) at 17'

So most of my questions revolve around proper power handling for the new mains but any suggestions are helpful in recreating the best home theater possible with this equipment! I am not a newbie to audio but I am not an engineer by any means so simple math is best!
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