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Monoprice 1.3a category 2 28awg ferrite r they OK ??

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hi originally purchased monoprice 6 foot 1.3a category 2 cerified cable 24awg net jacket for about $10 it was fine but returned them because they were to stiff and not enought flexibility for space in back of my avr

instead ordered monoprice 6 foot 1.3a category 2 28awg with ferrite cores ( Gold plated ) for about $5

Was concerned going from 24 awg to 28 awg a smaller wire size.

Would it have any effect on A/V quality ??? ( HD DVD player )

have heard nothing but good things about monoprice in AV Forum but was just curious

Since am not very knowledable all thoughts would b greatly appreciated

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At that length, there won't be any difference in those cables and virtually no chance of drop outs. HDMI carries a digital signal, so the audio and picture is either there or it isn't.
I have used at least 50 with not issues. A good cable for a great price. Order a few extras so you will not have to pay the big box store prices. Six will cost less than half what one will cost if you have to run out and get one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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