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Monoprice 8" in Ceiling Speakers Ohm Question

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Hi everybody

I have a question about the Monoprice 8" in Ceiling Speakers. I recently purchased a set of 8" Woofer In-Ceiling Speakers Product ID: 4929.

Their web site says in red Note: These speakers are rated as 4Ohms.

I contacted Monoprice and was told they are actually 8 Ohm speakers. This was confirmed by two different reps

Plus the box says the speakers are 8 Ohm...

So, I dont know what to think anymore

Do I believe the online reps, the box or what the web site shows?
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web site would be the least reliable source of specification info. Go with what the manufacturer's box/info sheet has. Sounds like it is 8 ohms.
Mistakes are made all the time. I've found a few on the Triad website, which is around 1,000 pages. We review specifications, pictures, and measurements on an ongoing basis.

There is also no standardization for identifying a speaker as 4 ohms or 8 ohms. The impedance varies by frequency, and a 4 ohm speaker can be 28 ohms at one frequency and 2.8 ohms at another. Another 4 ohm speaker may not dip below 4 ohms, and it'll be easier to drive. Higher sensitivity makes a speaker easier to drive, too. I recall a $10,000 audiophile speaker from 25 years ago that was a 1 ohm load (very low) at 20 Hz (the worst possible frequency) and it was a real 83 dB sensitivity (a power sponge.)

That said, if someone went to the trouble of adding a warning in red that it was a 4 ohm speaker, I'm guessing it dips to 4 ohms at some frequencies. This is no problem unless you have a receiver of marginal quality.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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