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Monster Power 3500/3600 Question

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I just bought a Monster Power 3600 and I have a really simple question. Where should I plug my HDTV and my HD Box. The back of the unit has a tv/monitor plug and a separate HDTV plug. The tv plug has the video filter and the hdtv has a digital filter. Any input would be great.
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"The tv plug has the video filter and the hdtv has a digital filter."

These filters are on the AC? HDTV's take different AC then analog TVs?

What kind of crap are they selling?
Well, I don't really know if it's really crap. Monster has developed different filters for different applications. Anyway, since the HDTV is a digital monitor I plugged it into the digital filtered plug. Not really shure if I see a huge difference, but I definately hear a HUGE difference. I hear more detail, no hum in any channels, my bass is tighter and deeper.

For ~$200 on ebay, this was a great upgrade. Just MHO.
Put the Monitor in the "Video" Plug in

Put the HD Box in the "Digital Plus" in

So even though my tv is digital it should still be plugged into the analog video? I'll try it out and see if it make a difference. Thanks.
Try it both ways and see if either way produces a superior result. Monster's pretty clear in its materials that plugging an analog device into a "digitally filtered" outlet or vice versa will still protect your equipment.
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