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This auction is for a great Monster Power Home Theater PowerCenter HTS 5000.

RATING: 7/10

It is used and everything works perfectly. It is in very nice shape and has some minor cosmetic blemishes. Please note that these are stock pictures.


This is a very sought-after model, since it has a mechanical meter, not an LED readout in the center of the panel, which MANY folks prefer...it's cool retro looking, yet very high-tech in its protection of your components.

This particular model also has two convenience outlets on the front panel...a super nice feature that you might use very often. This way you don't have to turn the unit around to plug in a temporary device.

It has sufficient capacity for all your components and all but the biggest power amplifiers.

The total capacity of this model is very high at 1800 Watts.

This device will protect all you components from surges, noise coming in on your AC line, under-voltage, over-voltage, and more

It will isolate your components so your Plasma TV will not send noise back through the line into your audio components.

It will noise filter your audio/video components from the outside world and each other.

There are many AC outlets on the rear panel, with their own specialized filters.

This model also has a trigger input (you need to buy the cable for this) so that any trigger-equipped (as most are) preamp and controller can tell the HTPS to turn on, which then activates your amplifiers.

If you have an older system without a trigger jack, but it has a switched AC outlet, there is even a special jack (cable included) to plug from that outlet into the Monster to tell it to turn on.

An example would be someone who owns an older McIntosh or Marantz preamp or receiver, and is using it with a newer CD player and/or a higher power external amp. That new CD player's power cord won't plug into the old-fashioned AC outlets on the older receiver, and the new power amp SHOULD NOT be plugged through the preamp or you lose power.

Instead, you plug the thin trigger plug cable into any switched outlet on your older receiver, and into this unit. As soon as the Monster sees even a trickle of power on the cable, it turns on.

That way all your components stay protected, get full power, yet still work off of your older receiver or preamp's power switch...brilliant!

You can set delays on outlets to turn on and off before others.

This makes it IDEAL for systems with tube preamps or amps that, if turned off or on in the wrong sequence, can cause loud speaker-damaging pops or thumps.

It even has provisions to protect antenna, satellite, and cable TV signals, as well as your phone line.

The special Monster CLEAN POWER circuitry will ensure that the power coming into your components is clean and noise-free so you get all the performance you paid for from your system components.

A large METER on the front panel tells you your house voltage, and it can be dimmed.

You can set delay times so that specific outlets come on with a delay.

This has two purposes…

It makes sure you don’t get any turn-on thumps from, say, your amp turning on with or before your processor.

It also ensures that, if you have multiple amplifiers, they do not all turn on at once and pop you house fuse!

If the AC outlet you plug the Monster into is not grounded properly, the unit will tell you (mine was not).

If your wiring is reversed on your outlet, the Monster will tell you that, too.

The unit itself has a HUGE attached power cord so it will not limit current.

It will come with the owner's manual and the special cable to connect to those older 1970s and 1980s receivers with switched outlets I talked about above.

If you have a high performance system, whether pure AUDIO or a HOME THEATER system, you need a high performance power center.

Unit is boxed up and ready to go, and will ship immediately upon payment clearing. I'm only selling because we're renovating the family room and no longer need this. Shipping will be in one box. Also, local pickup in New York city welcome.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Shipping weight is about ~20lbs (20"x18"x6").
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