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Monster Power Signature Series AVS-2000 PRO Voltage Stabilizer. Includes the original hardware, owner's manual, accessories, box and packing.

Excellent condition, never rack mounted.

$550 plus shipping. Call 541-480-7437.

Rare, nearly unattainable PRO Signature Series with the Higher 20 Amp Rating and single piece full width aluminum front face for rack mounting.

3 front-panel blue LED digital meters display line voltage (both incoming and outgoing), voltage correction, and current usage for continuous, convenient monitoring of power conditions.
Provides consistent 120V output when AC fluctuates anywhere from 80--140V.
Removable rack handles.
4 switched and 2 unswitched color--coded outlets.
2 DC remote trigger outs.
Ready to rack mount.
Triple-shielded, 8-ft. long PowerLine 400 20-amp power cord.
Dimensions: 7.75" H x 19.00" W x 17.5" D; net weight: 63 lbs.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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