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Monster Xbox Cables have something the other cables don't

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The ability to connect straight to the xbox without the Advanced A/V or HD Packs. Take a look at the link. Will this drastically improve the performance of Monster's cables? If i want the best video and audio performance, should i go with Monster or stick with bettercables or markertek?

Xbox Cables by Monster
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I am not a Monster Cable fan for the money. ANd I confess to not being up on the Xbox. But I assume you're talking about a multiple pin output port

which is converted into three component cables to connect to the component input of your monitor.

If you have a monitor which is designed so that the component path is truly component and therefore yields a better video bandwith and picture than using the S-Video or composite, then yes, this Monster component cable is the way to go. I think other component cables are perhaps even better, but you do need to have a cable which converts from the multiple pin output from the back of the Xbox into component as it goes to your display, right?
Hi Steve,

I don't know if you're familiar with the xbox's A/V setup, so i'll attempt to explain just in case. I don't know very much about cables, so this represents my best attempt off of visual impressions.

The xbox has a single A/V port in the back. If you have a HDTV monitor and want to use 480p, you buy two things: a HD pack and some component cables. The HD pack looks like this: look at me The component cables from the TV plug into the HD pack, and then the HD pack feeds a single cable with a multiple-pin plug into the xbox port. The big difference with the Monster component cable is that the HD pack is not needed. The five cables (three video and two audio) from the TV are brought together to form one cable with a multiple-pin plug into xbox. To see what the Monster component cable looks like go here and then scroll down until you reach X Link 400 Component Video Cables.

Did you read the article? The developer of the Monster Xbox Cables (yeah, i realize he's probably biased) says: "We felt that the current designs available left lots of room for improvement. The biggest problem was the big black box and the potential for all types of noise to get in your system,"

IGN then says: "And it's true: The A/V Packs are not shielded, which leaves them open to interference."

So the big question is...does this direct connection that avoids the black box increase the visual quality substantially enough to justify buying the Monster Cables over cables from markertek?

I know that's hard to answer, but is one extra connection that is unshielded a big deal?
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I think on a real quality display device that you would see some improvement using the Monster component set - I would definitely do it if I had the Xbox!!! Now if Markertek had the same component set for less, of say Canare cabling and connectors, I would go for that - but this speciality cable for now is only available from Monster so I say go for it!! (But heck, its only a game???)
So, just to clarify... you feel that the xbox monster component that goes straight to the xbox will look BETTER than the silver serpent from bettercables.com that has to go through the HD box? This is on a 34" direct view by the way.

Basically, you feel that the drop in visual quality from the noise from the HD box will be greater than the reduction in visual quality because of the lower quality of Monster?

Sorry to badger you on this issue!

Note - Yeah, i switched brands on you :D I saw a couple reviews on the web last night of the Silver Serpent, and i've decided that i definitely want them...hehe i think.
As the article says, the AV packs for the xbox are unshielded!!!
My opinion is get the MOnster one. YES!
Hi All,

I have a PS2 and I bought the Monster S-Video cable and it made a world of difference.

And I can wait to buy the Monster Component cable for the new X-Box.

It made a big difference to the picture quality.

Just my 2cents, Brian
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