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I'm considering due to

* esthetics (Mezzo's are large)

* disatisfaction about center performance (dialoog sounds "limited" )

a change in my homecinema setup. Homecinema/music usage is 80/20.

Limited to bookshelf fronts, and really small rears.

Current setup:

Receiver: Marantz NR-1601 (slim-line)

Fronts: Mordaunt Short Mezzo 1

Center: Mordaunt Short Genie 404C

Rears: Mordaunt Short Genie 402

Sub: Mordaunt Short Avant 309i

I'm considering, ordered on priority:

Center: Boston-Acoustics A225C --> Center must improve, Mezzo5/Avant905i to large, not good looking either

Fronts: Boston-Acoustics A25 --> raving reviews, 2-3cm smaller in all dimensions compared to Mezzo1, but I'm worried if this is really an upgrade compared to Mezzo1 (at least not a downgrade)?

Rears: Boston-Acoustics A23 of Boston-Acoustics Soundware S --> very low prio

The best thing to do would be go listening somewhere, but I can nowhere find the speakers in stock in a place where I could to to listen.

My biggest fear is that I'm ordering something that is worse then what I have now. Will it sound okay if I just replace the current center with the A225?

Tips are welcome...

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I would stick with the Mezzos they are great speakers. As for the center, run a phantom, you'll be surprised how much it improves it.
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The Boston speakers are not nearly as good-sounding as the M-S Mezzo 1. You would be wise to keep the Mezzos.

The Genie 404 center speaker, however was discontinued because it was and is a piece of crap.

For only $150, you can get the M-S Alumni 5 center speaker. That would be a good idea; it should be a big improvement. It has been praised for the clarity of its sound, which is exactly what you need.

I would replace the 402s as soon as possible too. You might want to consider the Cambridge Audio Minx 11.

Keep in mind that going to smaller front speakers means less clean sound, period. That could be a big mistake, and you really don't want to go there. Anything smaller than the Mezzo 1 is NOT a good idea.

You need a certain amount of cone area to move enough air for the power a front speaker needs to put out, until the laws of physics are repealed.

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Thanks for all replies!

One conclusion I drew: keep the MS Mezzo 1's as fronts.

Questions I still have:

- will a MS Genie 404 center -> MS Alumni 5 center really be a noticeable upgrade? When I purchased the speaker I went for the Genie as I thought it was better looking, and because it had a slightly (5Hz) larger frequency response (95Hz vs. 100Hz)

- will replacing the MS Genie 402 rears with Cambridge Audio Minx 11 (21's are size-wise also acceptable) be a good idea? Won't replacing the Genie's with Alumni 2's be a better plan (sticking to same brand) or is that not really a noticeable upgrade? Is there also a good reason for not exchanging the Genie center with a Minx 21 as center?

- elsewhere I got the advice not to play around with exchanging "satellites" but to focus on getting a proper sub which would improve my complete experience. SVS was suggested. But that would set me back at least 500 euros and I wonder how that's going to solve my center-issues.

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Measurements of the Alumni 5:

Will require a fairly high xover.

Aside from lack of bass, seems to be pretty well reviewed though:

"This integration between speakers is also backed up by the articulate centre channel. Going back to those maelstrom sequences, the Alumni system is even adept at still being able to make sense of dialogue, even though the sound is usually indistinct and swamped."

"Although I spent a lot of time positioned off center, the center speaker maintained vocal clarity."

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Originally Posted by commsysman  /t/1517653/mordaunt-mezzo-genie-setup-boston-a-series-upgrade#post_24356092

The MS404 is a poor design. The Aulumni 5 is much better.

Tnx, any ideas how it stacks up to the CA Minx 21 as center?

Or Alumni2's as rears instead of CA Minx 11/21 (replacing the Genie 402's)?
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