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More AGP? Thanks to ATI

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AGP is not yet dead. DX10 cards coming to AGP. I'm pretty sure these cards offer hardware h264 and vc1 decoding support for those interested in HTPC type functionality. Cheers to ATI for throwing a bone to the crowd that has been long forgotten by Nvidia. Hopefully their price will be as kind and they won't change up for an AGP model with inferior specs.


In a surprise move by ATI it appears that they are still looking to cater for the AGP platform, even with their new DX10 range. According to our source article, there will be an AGP version of the Radeon HD 2600 (RV630) and HD 2400 (RV610) made available, but we probably won't see them until June or a little later.

The good thing is that these cards will support Avivo and all these fancy Video and 3D features and they will work in old motherboards.

Now we just have to wait and see what the opposition are going to bring to the table. Nvidia would have to be crazy to leave the upgrade market exclusively to ATI, but we have heard no mention of AGP support at this point in time.

EDIT - found some specs from Saphire someone had linked
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lol, i need to get off my ass and upgrade my p4 but cards like this make it hard 0_o
I need to get off my ass to upgrade from my amd xp 2500+
so expensive to go to pci-e for me
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I upgraded to the ATI 950.err..Pro..uh....wait..what the hell is it called? I dunno, all I know is this:

Its not enough juice to run FEAR at 60fps at 1080p.....and forget Stalker.

Do any of these cards even begin to approach the level of performance of an 8800GTX? Or hell, even a 7900GTX....
I bet not. Even the 2900 is just competitive with the 8800GTX from what I've gathered (not much analysis though). The 2900 is not being offered in AGP. My thought was always a better gaming card than my old 9800Pro that will eventually serve duty in residence as my HTPC when I upgrade my desktop completely. If this can do BR and HD-DVD at 1080i along with giving me some solid juice for an occasional game (I just took a new job today) then it works out. Plus, it keeps me from getting one of those new ultra big monitors
built in savings.

That said, if I was to upgrade it would be C2D and 8800GTX all the way. I just need to hold off on that for a bit.
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I've been holding off on building a new system for years now

There are no new PC games due out that I wont wind up buying on the 360 or PS3 anyhow, I've pretty much decided that my days of gaming on the PC are probably close to being over. Granted, my current AGP rig can't do my 1080p monitor justice even on games like Half Life 2 with HDR and AA/AF turned on.....so the bug is still there. I expect the next "2 hours of gameplay" Half Life add-on to grind to a halt with my current rig when the bullets start flying.

But...every couple of months I ask myself if I should just retire my aging AGP rig (3.4Ghz) and upgrade, because lets face it....those C2D's aren't too pricy anymore.

I've got some vacation time coming up in July, and there is a part of me that wants to bite the bullet, buy another $50 case, a C2D and an aftermarket fan, a single 8800GTX and a couple gigs of ram, and Boom..........at least be able to not worry about running most stuff at 1080p (tho stalker will still be a problem....)

Before when c2d's were like $500 and MB's were like $250...it was a no-go...but lately?

Hell...its hard to say no to the tech thats out there.

Whats the cheapest, reasonably-overclockable SLI C2D motherboard out there?
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This is good news, I've been olding out in upgrading one of my pc's to PCIe because I couldn't find a mobo that had enough PCI slots, and no one other than video card manufacturers are making PCIe cards.

I have one machine that has a soundcard, two TV tuner cards, if I upgrade to a PCIe board, I'd take the soundcard, both TV tuners, and add a Physx card. I'd need three PCIe slots. It's not a problem, until I do the SLI, and then I loose a PCI slot.
It's a good news for me, since I have stop upgrading computer for playing game for quite a while (my job takes almost all of my free time). But when I have some free time in weekends I still prefer watching some Hi-Def stuffs on my TV. Only bad thing is that my comp can no longer handle Hi-Def content, for it's too slow, especially in decoding a HD movie encoded in H264 format.

I hope that ATI's new card would have all the features found in its Pci-E counterpart, so that I can prolong my PC life a bit before an upgrade time.
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