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 In his Aug 10 memo television engineer Mark Schubin writes:
On Thursday, a delegation from Samsung came to my apartment to test a new

prototype 8-VSB demodulator. With a high-gain, directional antenna sitting

on the inner windowsill and pointing straight across the street, we were able

reliably and stably to receive every signal we could see on a spectrum

analyzer, which, now that more stations have moved to the CBS antenna on the

Empire State Building, was more than ever before.

The antenna didn't seem critical. A simple loop in roughly the same

location also worked. A few feet inside the room, however, performance was

worse. We could get a few stations with the antenna at a set-top location

but by no means all. A surprise to me was that WABC-DT was one of the more

difficult, as it had previously always been the easiest to receive. It may

have something to do with the front end of the prototype, which was a simple,

inexpensive, single-conversion tuner. WABC-DT is on channel 45, and WNYW-DT

is on channel 44. I'd rank this unit above those non-LG boxes using the LG

5th-generation chip, but not as good as the LG box with the LG 5th-generation

chip (which could get all but one of the stations with a set-top antenna, and

the one it couldn't get was located in New Jersey). Things are certainly

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