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More help with PS3

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I'm getting some sort of interference with the PS3 on my TV. Since hooking it up, I can get some white or gray lines that crawl up the screen slowly. Mostly it's hard to notice during watching programming, but when I do see it, it's very annoying, especially on an HD signal where I'm used to seeing perfect images.

There is also a detectible hum when the sound is off. . .

Is this the ground loop problem I've heard of? If so, what is the appropriate fix. I have a cable hook up that runs into a box, that is then connected to my TV via component cables. My PS3 is hooked up with an HDMI to DVI connection. . .but the lines were visible with a regular composit connection as well.
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Could be. Try disconnecting the cable box from your system.
You may want to look into a power conditioner as well. Monster, Belkin and a few other companies make them. Pick one up at BB and see if it helps. If not return it...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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