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I took back the first set and got a replacement tonight.

Worse problems than the first set. Selecting cable as the source gives me a scrolling picture.. and the menu is shifted up and partly off-screen so you can't even see what you're trying to adjust. I also saw some pretty severe keystone at first.. but not so much now.

Switch to DVD input and no scrolling.. menu positioned where it should be.. no keystone. But the same overscan problem that the first one had.. 8% left vs 4% right.

My wife is tired of helping me lug 100+ lbs of TV in and out of the house, and we're both pretty unhappy at this point.

Think I should I go for a third set? Or just get my $$ back and stay with the ol' analog JVC?

If they'll deliver it tomorrow.. I might try a 3rd set.. I dunno. Gotta get over my mad first.

How about the Toshiba DV sets? Are they out yet?
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