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More/Less visual artifacts or digitizing on SD??

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I'm pretty much sold on getting the JVC D-ILA (52") and am trying to decide on receivers.

I've got it narrowed down to 3 (see my post in the Receivers section if you want to know which). Two of them do SVideo upconversion and the other does Component upconversion.

At first glance, the Component upconverting one looks the best. I've got a SD Tivo that only has SVideo out.

So, I was curious if anyone had done any comparisons between SD content on a SD versus Component cable. Does it make a difference? Does one consistantly look better than the other?

I'm aware there are some differences from channel to channel, but on the whole is what' I'm curious about?

I'm using D* Tivo for regular SD content. Haven't decided if I'm going to go the HDTivo route or STB in the long run. Depends on if HDTivo's come down to the ~500 range the closer it comes to Christmas.

I'm particularly concerned with SD content as I won't have the means to go HD for several months, but I'll eventually get there. I just don't want to have to put up with a crappy picture on my new TV becasue I didn't chose right on my receiver.

Thanks very much!
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Converting s-video to component is not going to increase PQ, it's garbage in, garbage out. My D* SD channels look decent on my 57", you only tend to see pixelating on less watched channels where D* is compressing the signal more.

The idea of upconverting to component is you can have one set of cables going to the TV and use the receiver to switch multiple types of input sources... Of course with a digital TV, you'd probably want to use DVI/HDMI on the sources that have it such as your future D* receiver/HD Tivo your plan to purchase
The JVC's Video-1 input has an "auto-switching" capability, meant to hook up to an A/V receiver. The idea is that you hook up Component, S-Video, and Composite to the TV's Video-1 inputs, and the TV will use the best signal on those inputs. If the S-Video receivers you're looking at also switch Component (but don't upconvert lesser connections to Component), this may take care of that.

I've got a new Denon 1705 (low-end) that does the Component upcconversion (if you can call it that), but I haven't played with it yet. I'm still trying to find the best combination of which component to hook up to which input.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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