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At a recent press event, JVC showed a prototype HDTV tuner with built-in hard drive. The model TU-9000 could be available as early as September, although pricing has not been announced. JVC continues to keep open final specs for the HDTV PVR, but the completed version is expected to include a 120GB hard disk drive and an ATSC over-the-air tuner, in addition to dual-tuner standard/high-definition decoding for EchoStar's DISH Network services. The unit will only stream one high-definition channel at a time, however.

The TU-9000 will also include both IEEE-1394 and DVI digital connectors. The IEEE-1394 connector will link the PVR to JVC's HM-DH30000U ($1,999) D-VHS VCR to make tape-based archival copies of HDTV programs. Programming that studios have decided to copy protect will not be recordable by the D-VHS deck.

The D-VHS HD VCR, which launched last fall, uses JVC's new copy protection system called D-Theater. The system incorporates a proprietary encryption system to prevent the unauthorized duplication of "high value content," such as feature films. Only D-Theater-equipped machines can play back D-Theater-encoded cassettes.

The full story & more can be found at:

A tip of the AVS hat to member David McRoy for the info.
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