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Hi everyone. I've read through various of popcorn hour threads, but I still have a few questions. I'm anticipating purchasing one in the next week or two, and I'd like to start ripping my DVD collection to an external drive.

(1) Anyone know how well standard DVDs will stream over a wireless-g network using the popcorn hour wireless USB stick? I'd rather avoid buying a new router if possible. I don't anticipate having or watching any blue-ray discs over the network until I have a new router, which might be another year or so.

(2) What format is the best format to rip to? Can I just rip to the standard video_ts folder with the .VOB files, or do I need to consider ripping to another format?

(3) I understand that there are different types of file servers (NFS, SMB, HTTP servers). I read somewhere that you can't stream .iso or .vob over http servers, anyone know if that's the case? If HTTP servers are the fastest, but I can't stream .vob, what format should I use?

(4) Is there a native jukebox-type interface with popcorn hour? In other words, if I want to have DVD covers with the title and info boxes about the DVD, etc, do I have to use third party software? If so, is there one particular software that most people use? How does popcorn hour access this interface?

Lots of questions, I know. I'm going to keep digging through the threads here and see if I can dig up some answers in the mean time. Thank you guys!

Edit: Found the answer to (4)
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