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From CED Broadband Direct

More vendors tee up CableLabs demos

Although the annual CableLabs Summer Conference (Aug. 14-17 in Keystone, Colo.) is off-limits to the press, the vendors that are demonstrating there continued to roll out the press announcements:

• BigBand Networks is featuring modular cable modem termination system (M-CMTS) functionality via its flagship Cuda CMTS and BME (Broadband Multimedia-Service Edge) platforms. The M-CMTS is designed to allocate bandwidth between DOCSIS and video services within the same QAM channels. BigBand said its M-CMTS approach, which quadruples DOCSIS MAC processing to 3 Gbps per Cuda, is compatible with legacy cable modems, and is capable of handling more advanced channel bonding techniques.

• Broadband Physics Inc. is demonstrating a 50 Mbps connection via a standard 6 MHz channel. The company claims its Sub-Band Division Multiplexing (SBD) technology fits into the downstream architecture created by DOCSIS 2.0, offers the same silicon cost of today's 64/256 QAM systems, and does not require changes to the cable plant. The company noted it also has an 18 MHz version on its product roadmap that pumps out data at 150 Mbps-plus.

• Broadcom Corp. will feature its new line of AVC/VC-1 high-definition system-on-a-chip products for cable, satellite and IP set-tops. The company's family of BCM740x chipsets is designed to reduce video bandwidth requirements by a factor of two to three compared to MPEG-2. The chipset is comprised of the BCM7038 dual-channel HDTV and DVR chip and BCM7411 AVC video decoder/audio processor chip. Broadcom said the two-chip product is already shipping with set-top makers such as EchoStar, LG Electronics, Pace Micro Technology, Thomson and Samsung.

• Broadbus Technologies is demonstrating Content Commander 2.0, a suite of tools that enables operators to capture, package and publish content for video-on-demand. The platform also enables fast-turnaround VOD applications, including News on Demand, a new Broadbus feature that expands the viewing window for original news broadcasts. Time Warner Cable and Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operators are among the first to deploy News on Demand. Content Commander was recently highlighted in xOD Capsule (subscribe), CED's weekly electronic newsletter on VOD and interactive television

• Cauldron Solutions will present its new Entitlement platform, an access control framework that centralizes the processing of a service provider's business logic. The platform is made up of two elements: the Entitlement Manager, which enables policy makers to modify business rules for a given service, and the Entitlement Engine, which accepts requests for digital services and determines whether those requests should be granted.

• Glowpoint Inc. is showing off an outsourced IP video communications platform based on Sony's Instant Video Everywhere (IVE) service and the Glowpoint network, which so far has carried more than 23 million IP video minutes, and north of 20,000 video calls per month worldwide.

• Sandvine Inc. is showing an integrated PacketCable Multimedia platform that teams its application manager with a Motorola Inc. cable modem termination system and a Camiant policy server. The system will enable VoIP protection from competing traffic and malicious attacks, and show how customers can be directed to a QoS-enabled tier of service when using a video telephony application.

• Scientific-Atlanta Inc. (S-A) is highlighting its new Digital Content Manager (DCM) and WT-24000 Intelligent Wavelength Transport gear - two components for the delivery of digital simulcast, digital program insertion and switched digital broadcast. The DCM, due out in October, enables 20 times the MPEG processing capability of traditional multiplexing gear, the company claimed. The WT-24000 enables operators to wavelength multiplex content with other service traffic.

• Terayon Communication Systems will show off a range of digital video gear and applications, including its CP 7600G Gigabit Ethernet multichannel edge decoder for digital simulcasts, DM 6400 Network Cherry Picker for ad insertion alongside Adtec's DPI1200 ad server, and real-time, full-motion graphics overlays via the BP 5100 and Digital Motion Graphics Overlay (DMGO) technology.

Links to the above companies provided on this page.
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