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I am experiencing what I was told was mosquitoing. (but it is video noise/movement in background and dark areas...mountains, buildings, fileds, water, not on edges as mosquitoing is defined) A friend who is newly certified in calibration and has all the equipment, worked on calibrating my Mitsubishi DLP WD-73734 a few weeks ago. He adjusted 'Video' settings ( contrast...thru sharpness), 'Perfect Color' settings (color and tint) and RGB low temp. gain (probably more).

It had been set to 'Bright' previously (in error) and we set it to Natural picture mode, then made all the adjustments.

I do not recall this movement or noise in medium colored images prior to the calibration. I guess it could be like getting your car back from a mechanic and 'noticing something' you were not aware of before, just because you are more concerned about problems. This video noise is bothersome. It's hard to imagine that it has been like this already.

Any ideas on reducing this background video noise? Any particular settings to try resetting. I have already tried swapping all I could think of.

I see it via my Panasonic BD-55 BluRay player as well as HD material on my Comcast HD DVR. I run the BD player and the Comcast HD DVr via HDMI through my Denon 1909 AVR, but that has been the case always.

I've read posters for similar issues questioning:

- No AC power conditioning (I have a Belkin surge strip)

- Image processing (DMP-BD55 has PHL Reference Chroma Processor. Denon 1909 AVR passes video thru untouched)

- Ferrite bands on HDMI cables (my current cables have them. I have new ones coming so will swap out/test)

(I tried changing these settings *)

My settings after calibration:

Natural *

Contrast 63

Brightness 18

Color 36

Tint 30 *

Sharpness 31

Color temp low *

Deep field imager off *

Perfect Color

Magenta 25

Red 18

Yellow 12

Green 14

Cyan 21

Blue 31

Perfect Color Tint

Magenta 20

Red 31

Yellow 32

Green 25

Cyan 35

Blue 31


Video noise medium *

Video mute on

Film mode auto

Sharp edge off *

Lamp mode standard

Low temperature Gain

5.GGL 1012

6.GRL 1010

7.GBL 1045

He was disappointed not to see a gamma or luminescence adjustments.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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First rule of trouble shooting, remove all variables that you possibly can.

Try your BP with a component cable directly to the display. If you still have the noise it is in the display for sure. If it goes away, try the same player with a single HDMI cable. If it comes back, get another known good cable and retry. Still there, either cable or HDMI connector/circuit or some adjustment since some adjustments are local to each imput.

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I tried component cable (R, Gr, Bl) direct from BD55 to front component conn on TV. No change to video noise.

Of course when I 'pause' video, there is no movement, but the picture does look much grainier. I guess it looks more pixelated.

So component cable swap eliminated:

Possible HDMI cable issue (and also the Ferrite bands on both HDMI cables)

Possible HDMI port or connection issue

Possible signal degradation due to passing thru Denon 1909 AVR

Anything else eliminated?

The above would not rule out BD Player video processor or setting issues. The only 'setting' I found of possible relation was Black level control. It was set at 'Lighter'. I tested at 'Darker', no effect to video noise.

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Hah, I had to Google DLP Dither and there was a very good explanation thread that you were part of (9/04)

ChrisWiggles (9/04): "Another difficulty, is that MPEG compression contains TONS of mosquito noise, which is probably MORE what you are seeing, and you will see this at normal viewing distances if resolved. This is very apparent usually in things like gradiations like clouds, skies, etc, and is NOt the fault of DLP.

This is where/what I am seeing in my 'video noise'.

I read somewhere about Hz speed not matching between devices being a possible issue. I have no idea if it realtes to my (or rather my TV's ;o) video noise/dither issue.' Somewhere' in my TV's settings I remember seeing the figure 96Hz.

Can my TV's (or BD player's) Hz rate be changed, if this is pertenent.
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